Friday, November 25, 2011

Wine Glass Tags

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our friends house.  There were about 30 people or so.  The food was wonderful, the kids had a blast and it was great to have so many people to chat with and just enjoy the day with.

Shirley,the Grandma, brought wine glasses for all the adults with tags of everyones name.

We used them the whole night to drink what ever it was we were drinking.  From water to wine, everyone loved them.

This is how she did it. 

-Wire (She had extra hanging around in her craft supplies, so I'm not sure what kind she used.)
-Something to wrap the wire around to get the shape.  (Wine bottle neck, medicine bottle.. anything that is the size you want.)
-Tools... wire cutters and pliers
-Alphabet beads or what every you want to add.  I think this is up to you and how fancy you want to get.

-Wrap wire around  what every you are using to get the size you want and cut a bit larger so you can hook them together.
-Bend one side into a loop.
-Add your beads
-Put the wire around the glass steam then put the straight end through the looped side and loop it

They are very cute and a great way to keep track of everyones glass.  They were hand washed a few times during the day, so they held up fine.

Thank you to our wonderful friends for a great day and a new idea for me.  :-)

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