Friday, November 18, 2011

Chalkboard Table

I have a Little Tikes plastic table that was in need of a make-over.  So since my new obsession is chalkboard paint, I thought why not make it a chalkboard table?  I got a can of primer to cover plastic so the chalkboard paint would stick.  I have learned about myself that I suck at spray painting.  I blame it on the defective can.  :)  So I primed the whole thing, drips and all.  I just decided to live with the fact Id have to repaint it. 

So I mixed up some blue chalkboard paint and painted away.  I think I used 4 coats, but just with the kids playing with it today, I can tell its going to need some refining.  I guess I will just have to keep the blue chalkboard paint handy for some touch-ups.  The grand plan for the table is to have removable pouches around 2 of the edges so there are pockets for the chalk and whatever else the kids stick in there.  It needs to be removable so nothing else gets drawn on, I realized sometimes the crayons and chalk has to go away for awhile for me to catch up on the hunting and cleaning of all the places that were colored that weren't supposed to be.

Here is the table being used by the kids.  I love it, flaws and all.

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