Thursday, November 17, 2011

Emma's 3rd Birthday Party!

I survived Emma's first real birthday party.  I seem to be having an issue putting up the pictures taken with my camera (stupid computer).  So the one from the phone have to do.

This is how I decorated the house.  Since we were doing an Art Themed Party, I thought simple but fun.

Front Door.  I had Chalkboards everywhere, so one on the front door made sense. 

I bought a bag of 72 balloons, took the black ones out, got the tire pump, and got my arm workout.  These were also a source of entertaining the kids after we had painted and eaten.  They all had some and were playing and having a blast.  Along with the roller coaster in the hallway.

I used those Command hooks to hang them but I didn't like them showing so...

Tissue Paper Flowers over the hooks.

I also made the Happy Birthday Banner out of chalkboards. (Not the best picture, but you can understand what I did.)  I used the Command strips on here, and since I was already making flowers, I made extra.  Darn I wish the picture was better because it is so cute

"Happy 3rd Birthday Emma"

And now the cake.  On Pinterest I keep seeing 'Cake In A Jar'.  I went one step more and did "Ice Cream Cake In A Jar'

I had a table set up in the Great Room with a long coloring page and crayons for the kids to color on.  All the adults noticed how quite the party was with the kids coloring.  I had easy, kid-friendly food for everyone.  Sandwiches, chips fruit and dips.  The main event was everyone painted their own Masterpiece.  I bought 11x14 canvases and paint and the kids did their magic.  No phone pictures of all of this, but they will be added once I get the camera and computer to love each other again.

All in all we had an amazing time and Emma had a blast with her friends coming over for her very first real Birthday Party.

We sent home with each child their own Artist Kit.  It had a chalkboard, doodle pad, glow stick, crazy straw, coloring book w/crayons, chalk, candy, notebook, pencil, and a spiral drawing kit.  I know I went overboard.  But o'well it was fun had by all.

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