Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY Paint Palette

My daughters 3rd birthday is coming up and every morning she wakes up and says, "It's my BIRTHDAY!"  Looks like this was the year to have a real party. not just the family party.  So the planning has started.  The only problem is she isn't "in" to any one thing.  I keep searching for a theme for her party but couldn't find anything that worked.  As I was searching I found a book themed one, this would be really cool if she was a few years older.  I wanted the kids to have fun and since none of them read I didn't see having all these book activities as a very fun time.  B and I keep tossing ideas around, then it hit me.  An Art party.  What kid doesn't love to color and paint.  The party is still a couple weeks away which means I'm hunting for everything.  One activity we are doing is painting.  Sounds sorta everyday, but I got canvases for all the kids and came up with this cool idea for a paint palette.

-Plastic plate  (I used some plastic plates I had extra leftover from her baptism.)
-Hot Glue
-2 oz plastic cups (Like the kind your salad dressing is sent in for take out)

Step 1:
Glue cups onto plate

Step 2:
Done  :)  See how easy that was.  I used 6 cups.

I plan on putting another cup in each holder for easy clean up and then kids can take the palettes home with them.  I am also going to write each child's name on the plate.

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