Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My brain on over-drive

My MOMS Club® Mommies are coming over tomorrow and I keep going over everything that needs to be done.  Yes I have a list going... I got the app for that.  Thank you Apple for the wonder that is my iPhone.  Any rate, I have the little grab bags done, have the mini cupcakes that I bought instead of baked.  Ran out of time for that, have to make pumpkin dip and pick up the toy that covers every inch of my downstairs floor.  And then it is what it is.  I already cleaned the bathroom so I'm good there.  Isn't it just amazing how we live in our homes every day and are fine with the way it is.  But as soon as company comes we feel like we live in a dirty rotten mess.  Is it just me? 

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