Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghostly Handprints!

My MOMS® Club was over today for a Fall/Halloween playdate.  I found many different ways to do handprint art for Halloween, but didn't really 'love' any thing I saw.  Then I found The Crafting Chicks (  They had the cutest idea for Handprint Ghost.  It was love at first sight.

So here is how I did mine:

Step 1:  Bought 3 pack Canvas Panels 5"x7" and painted them with a high gloss black paint.  And yes I did that many.  We were having a houseful of moms and kids.

Step 2:  Paint the kids hand with white paint.  As you can see I had wipes ready for clean up.

Step 3:  Press hand fast..This was a challenge with the younger ones.  My sons is a smeared ghost and my daughters turned out beautiful.  When I was telling her how I needed her hand she informed me, "I know what I'd doing Mommy."  Gotta love preschool.

Step 4:  Awww the pretty hand print

Step 5:  Sprinkle glitter over the hand print.  (Missed the picture of this step)  Paint the eyes (and this).  Most of the hand have a ready made mouth, but if there isn't one then make a mouth too.  Write child's name and year on it with a paint pen.  I used a silver one.  I guess you could write it on the back if you didn't want it on the front.  I liked having it on the front. 

Let dry and display.  I added ribbon with hot glue to hang up.  (I changed the ribbon to black because I didn't like the white as much as I thought I was going too)  I was planning on getting some sorta Halloween ribbon, but every time I hit the craft store I forgot. 

This really was a great craft project for our playdate today.  Even though it wasn't a normal craft where the kids are doing all the work, the kids were all excited to paint their hands and watch me sprinkle the glitter and write their names.  I will keep this in my book of tricks.

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