Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Glass Tile

I finally did the photo glass tiles..and I LOVE them.  They are very easy and so sweet. 

What you need:

Glass tiles.....I got mine from CandyTiles.  She has great bundle deals and the products were very nice.
Diamond Glaze
Bails or Tray- Depending on the look you are going for
Super Glue
Picture or Scrapbook Paper design

Step 1:

Put down parchment paper or wax paper in your work area.  Clean your tile off with a lint free cloth or a cloth you clean your glasses with.  Choose your picture or paper.  If doing a picture, print it on Matte Paper.  You can either cut out the picture you are using to the size of the tile (make the picture slightly smaller then your tile) or wing it.  I winged it and next time I will pre-cut it.

Step 2:

Put a little Diamond Glaze on the back of the tile.  Do it in the shape of the tile you are using, it will spread better when you apply the picture and pressure.  Don't add so much that it oozes out the sides.  You don't want that.

Step 3:

Apply to the picture.  Putting pressure on each corner and the middle.  Then flip it over and rub it lightly with your fingers to make sure it is all touching and adhering together.  Let dry tile side down for at least an hour.

Step 4:

Trim off any excess paper.  I used very sharp scissors and exacto knife.  I think next time I will have it pre-cut.  I think it would be easier and a cleaner edge. 

Step 5:

Apply more of the Diamond Glaze to the back of the picture.  You want a thin layer and around the edge of the paper that is on the tile.  This will seal it and make it water resistant.  Not proof, but resistant.  So don't wear it in the shower, but don't need to freak out if it gets a little wet.  I used a stiffer paint brush.  Make sure you clean the brush as soon as you are finished.  Let it dry for at least an hour.

Step 6:

Now its time to glue your bail to the tile.  I did mine on the back since I didn't want it to cover up my beautiful kids. Make a little mark where you want your bail at.  It will be helpful to make sure its centered.  I used Super Glue.  I'm sure there are other glues, but its what I had.  So add a tiny bit of glue to the bail and put it on the tile applying pressure.  Let dry at least half hour.

**You can also buy a tile tray.  I plan on trying that too.  If you are using a tray you don't need the bails because the tray is an all-in-one kinda thing.  So you would add the glue to the tile and press it into the tray.  Applying pressure to make sure it is all glued down.

Step 7:

Add your chain and enjoy.  I gave mine to the Grandmas for Christmas.  I planned on making a key chain for Grandpa, but ran out of time.  So that's what is on my To Do List next. 

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