Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fried Marbles

Its not really fried, more like heated up.  So I have lots and lots of glass filler stones.  I never seem to use them in the vases like I plan.  I ran across a bag stuffed all the way back in the pantry... now what to do with them.  I searched and searched but couldn't find any cool ideas.  Then I saw fried marbles.  Fried Marbles??? What the heck is that?  Its heating up the glass stones or marbles then putting them in ice cold water.  Presto Changeo.... They shatter on the inside, not apart.  They are still smooth on the outside but you can see the cool shatter effect.  I used clear glass, I read that the frosted wasn't worth it because you cant see the shatter effect.

I grabbed some of the stones and put them in the pan.  Turned on the stove to med-high and let them get hot.  It took about 10 minutes I guess. 

Meanwhile.... I got a baking dish and filled it with ice water.  Once the glass stones were hot I put them into the ice water.  Immediately I heard the cracking and popping.

Of course I forgot to take the dried off after picture.  But you can see what they look like.  I'm thinking of using them for a wire wrapped pendant or earrings.  They are really pretty.  Ive added yet another project to my long list.  But it does keep me happy and busy.

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