Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bag of Girls

I noticed the other day My Mini Me was using her chips as dolls and playing with them.  I thought I should try to find her some little dolls to play with.  Then I saw on Pinterest a pin for a  Box O' Princesses from, which is so stinking cute.  The problem is My Mini Me doesn't know all of the Princesses yet.  She is getting the Princess barbie dolls for Christmas, but I don't think she would get the wooden ones yet.

I liked the idea of the wooden dolls because they can't really break and have no removable parts.  So I set out to make my own.  I bought the wooden dolls the other day, and today I am starting the drawings on them for the design.  I'm not the greatest artist, but I think I can manage this.  I'm going to start with a few simple ones and work my way up to something with a little more flare.  Ok mine will be simple, but my brother is an amazing artist and I'm crossing my fingers he can draw some girls on the wooden dolls for me to paint.  Gotta love people with talent. 

So my wooden doll making is starting today.  I will update this post with pictures as I get them moving along.

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