Monday, September 17, 2012

Im back... I hope so

I enjoy writing in this blog very much, even if no one is reading it.  I have found that I helps me vent and its nice to purge my insides.

A lot has changed the past few months.  We have moved to a new town, I love it.  We are now closer to Daddy's work so we get family dinners every night.  I believe that is very important to families.  Mini Me started school and dance, and the Little Guy will start after the first of the year.

I have also started eating mostly veggies.  I drink a lot of juice, I either make it myself, or drink the Odwalla and other real juices.  My body LOVES veggies.  Ive not only lost weight, but I have so much more energy and just feel better over all.

Today I am making homemade cereal bars.  My kids eat a lot of them.  I buy them by the bulk.  The other day I realized, this isn't a good thing for my kids to eat.  So I went in search of a recipe.  As always I started on Pinterest.  Found several, tried one but realized I needed to add other things to make it better.  So I mixed a few and came up with what I hope are some good treats that my kids will love. 

Back to baking.

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