Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rapunzel Rapunzel... Let Down Your Hair!

My Mini Me has found the Princesses over the past few months.  She has a great love for Rapunzel.  She loves holding anything from a shirt to a towel to my comforter on her head as her hair.  So I thought OK let me make her some Rapunzel hair.  Then of course I searched on Pinterest. 

I found several but didn't like any one more then the other.  So I kinda took a bit from all of them and came up with my own idea.

Mini Me and I went to the craft store in search of the 'hair'.  I bought 2 shades of yellow, a yellow/white combo, purple, and 2 multicolored balls of yarn. I got smaller balls since we were using several different colors.

180 Yards of Yarn 
Tape Measure
2 Chairs you can tie too
Ponytail Holder

Step 1.
I set up my chairs to be 6 feet apart and tied one end of the yarn to a chair and started winding it around.  I did the 2 yellows 10x and 15x for the 3rd yellow.  Then 5x for each of the colored yarn.   Make sure when you are winding that you mix up where the yarn is winding.  If its just stacked then when you separate it to braid you won't have color variation.

Step 2:
Tie together the end you are not going to cut and leave the tie long.  Also tie some ribbon to the uncut end, you need it later and its easier to do it now.  Cut the other end apart so you now have 'hair'.  Tie the other end to the chair.  ***Try not to tangle the hair.  Its very easy to do.

Step 3:
Count out 30 strands for each section and lay them out.  Then start braiding.  **Make sure to keep the sections apart at the bottom.  I had a few mishaps so that is very important.  ;)

Step 4:
Use a ponytail holder at the end and trim off the bottom.  I then measured it around Mini Me's head (make it a bit smaller because it will stretch and it will end up around her eyes) and tied it off with ribbon.  I kinda wove the ribbon in the braid so it couldn't come undone or move.

Step 5:
I tied several pieces of ribbon around the top to not only help hold it together but to add some pretty to it.  I added flowers and ribbon at the bottom and we were done.

I hope you and your Mini Me enjoy this.

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